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Rules of Goods Return

It is not allowed to return cash while paying by credit card.

The return order is governed by the rules of international payment systems.

The procedure of goods return is regulated by the Federal Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.

· The consumer has the right to decline goods at any time before they are handed over.

· Natural flowers are classified as non-returnable goods (according to the Article 25 of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights and the List of non-food goods of proper quality that cannot be returned or exchanged for similar goods of different size, shape, dimensions, style, color or configuration).

· If the buyer has a claim to the quality of flowers, he should contact our store on the same day. Photo of the bouquet made on the day of delivery is required.

To return funds to the bank card you must fill in the “Application for refunds”, which is sent on request by the Company to an e-mail address, and send it with the copy of passport to the address: partner@ko-ra.ru.

Refunds will be held to the bank card within 21 (twenty one) working days from the date of receiving the “Application for refunds” by the Company.

To return funds for transactions made with errors you must appeal with a written application and copy of the passport and cheques/receipts confirming erroneous write-off. This application must be sent to the address: partner@ko-ra.ru.

The refund amount will be equal to the purchase amount. Time limit for processing of the Application and return of funds is counted from the moment the Company receives the Application and is calculated in working days, excluding holidays/weekends.