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About Us

Flowers & Articles for harmonious life.

Once we realized that we want to live in a world where people can express their love towards loved ones, nature and themselves.

We would like to help everyone to be able to get pleasure from very simple things: to buy beautiful flowers for home or a bunch for a walk, a good book or a scented candle, a vase or a scrub. Such shopping helps us to remind about our feelings.

We would like to recall the importance of feeling unity with loved ones and friends, having no reason at all. Some bouquets can be unique in this world – just like our feelings for the sweethearts. Other bouquets like a nice trifle which will make a friend or a colleague smile. The same is with belongings, little gifts.

No, we are not zero-waste-activists and have no specialization in garbage sorting. But we know thar real joy is to take pleasure without harming the others. We seek to make our business ecological, to promote an image of responsible creativity and consumption, but without extremes.

That`s why we have created a cozy shop with modern bouquets and nice belongings.

We help people to express their love to themselves, loved ones and people around. We not only sell belongings that you want to give, but also help to learn more about making your life more pleasant without harming the world around you.

And we hope we are really good at that.